Luxury Arctic Boat Cruises

The Inuits and Vikings first explored the Arctic circle and now its your turn. Our luxury arctic cruises and expeditions are the kind of experience which shapes you and leaves you mesmerised. Some of the sights and sounds you see in the Arctic circle are so surreal you are not sure they are real.

Our small luxury boats and yachts follow the Gulf Stream’s warm currents up Norways dramatic coastlines all the way to Spitsbergen. You can choose routes which take you to Greenland and Iceland, or take a more adventurous approach and head even further North on your luxury cruise, on our bespoke boat cruise to the islands of Franz Josef Land – where you can enter the Russian Arctic National Park where polar bears abound, and whales, walrus and seals dominate your marine life viewing. Tours this far North allow you to witness some exceptional bird roosting cliffs, and visit Fridtjof Nansen’s huts, used by many an explorer.

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Many of our luxury Arctic boat cruises have experts on board, and all the staff are well versed in photography (a professional photographer will be available to guide you) – marine biologists, naturalists, conservationists and other experts are available to answer your every question, and often give informal evening talks on their specialist topic.

Sunsets during the Arctic summer linger on and on, snowmelt feeds magical waterfalls and glaciers drop vast icebergs into the sea. The horizon is covered with hundreds of small and large icebergs making for a dramatic seascape that cannot fail to look beautiful. Our luxury Arctic cruises will take you via Norwegian fishing towns, to adventures in Longyearben, to Inuit villages and East Greenland – history and culture is as much a part of the trip as nature and wildlife.

Our Arctic boat cruise of volcanic island Iceland is incredibly exciting – most of this small island is totally uninhabited and made up of mountain peaks and lowlands. Volcanoes and waterfalls make for enchanting scenery, and a stop at the hot springs is a must. Kayaking, visiting the remote Westfjords, black sand beaches and Europe’s largest glacier Vatnajokull are just some of the excursions that a luxury Icelandic boat cruise entails. When boating through Husavik it is not unusual to see whales breaching, reindeer and seals are also often seen daily. Here you will be experiencing true Icelandic adventures, while always returning to your luxury boat or private yacht.

West Greenland also offers you a wonderfully remote and wild experience with access to the UNSECO World Heritage site Illulissat Icefjord. A luxury boat cruise here will take you through sparkling ice filled fjords to meeting local Inuits. The ice bergs here which calve off the glaciers are some of the largest in the world. Your luxury Greenland cruise will take you into Nuuk where you can marvel at mummies in the National Museum or learn more about the Inuit culture. This tour departs every May when the whales (up to 15 species) are most active, feeding on krill. Kayaking here is a highlight and included for you.

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