South West Norway (Fjords)

This region within the country manages to combine both the vibrant and forward thinking society of Norway and the stunning landscape in one fairly compact area. It is the perfect combination of history and one of the World’s most dramatic landscapes – we will include this for you on your luxury bespoke Norway tour.

In the Southwest area of the region is the city of Bergen which is regularly voted one of the most beautiful in the world. Bergen acts as destination but also works as a gateway into the Harrdangerfjord. The city is surrounded by 7 fjords and 7 hills combined with a fascinating and culturally rich lifestyle. During the middle-ages it was actually Norway’s capital as well as an important sea port. Under its current form it is a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city has been well publicised over the years due to its colourful houses and easy access into the stunning surrounding fjords. There are also a number of excellent art museums such as Kode which houses one of the largest art and design collections in Scandinavia.  The city also has a number of highly regarded museums which demonstrate the diverse and forward thinking culture which the country has adopted.

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Outside of the city and running from the Atlantic to the steep wall of Norway is the Harrdangerfjord Mountain Plateau – Europe’s largest mountain plateau – and Norway’s largest national park totalling around 6500 sq kms. It has traditionally been a home for a range of wildlife such as wild reindeer and remains an important part of their ecosystem. The area has a large number of lakes and rivers which therefore translate into powerful and dramatic waterfalls such as Vorings Falls which measures nearly 500ft. Since 1979 the Hardanger plateau has been a designated national park.

The region is also home to one of the nation’s most spectacular sights. The Preikesolen is one a large granite rock which sits 600 meters above the fjord below and acts as the perfect way to get a true idea of this vast and spectacular landscape.

The ski resort of Geilo is found just East of Bergen towards Oslo and is one of Norway’s oldest and respected ski resorts. The resort remains proud of its history and has a total of 37 slopes that range for all abilities. The resort itself is positioned at the foot of both the Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda National Parks.

On the Southern point of the region is the city of Stavanger which is surrounded by large Fjords, long white beaches and mountains. The city is famed for its wooden colourful houses. It is often referred to as Norway’s Oil city for its importance in oil exploration in the North Sea since the 1970’s. Stavenger’s centre is one of the most and preserved wooden buildings in Norway with some dating back to the 18th century.

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