Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland is a unique area at the top of the country which borders both Norway and Finland/Lapland. The area is home to the native Sami where many of their traditions are still thriving with very little cultural changes over the years – we can incorporate authentic Sami experiences into any Swedish tour. As a group the Sami people are renowned for their friendly hospitality and offer visitors a glimpse into their unique and historic culture.

The area has many National Parks but the Abisko National Park, which sits on the Northern border with Norway is one of the oldest and was established as a National Park in 1909. Due to its Northern position within the Arctic Circle the park is home to the Aurora Sky Station which is purpose built for viewing this outstanding natural light display – we of course will always ensure you are in the very best spot to see the Northern Lights on your holiday in Sweden. The area is also an ideal place to experience varying landscapes and a range of activities from hiking to canoeing for many visitors.

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Due to the area’s various rivers it’s also a popular area within Europe for fly fishing and the area is renowned for its Summertime fishing of the wild Salmon and Arctic Char.

The area of Jamtland Harjedalen in the Southern part of Northern Sweden is a superb region for flora and fauna and is famous for its highly accessible wilderness. The area is home to around 127,000 people however almost 60,000 live in its only city, Ostersund. The region is also home to some of the major ski resorts in the county. These include Vemdalen and Lofsdalen. In the Summer the area is excellent for hiking, fishing and mountain biking and in the Winter the area becomes the perfect place for dog sledding, skiing, ice climbing and paragliding. The area also includes 12 Sami Villages and approximately 44,000 Reindeer. The area outside of the city of Ostersund was awarded by UNESCO the award of Creative City of Gastonomy due to its award winning breweries, bakeries and charming local restaurants. The fifth largest lake is Sweden, Lake Storsjon is positioned fairly centrally within the park and is by legend home to the Storsjo monster which is said to live in the lake.

The World renowned village of Gammelstad in the area of Luleå is of particuliar merit due to its medieval streets, 15th centre church and its 424 wooden buildings – historical tours of Sweden are something we take great pride in arranging. It is believed to be one of the largest and best preserved examples of a historic Swedish church village in the country. The village is also home to a museum and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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