Life is about experiences – luxury travel is no longer defined only by the quality of your hotel. Of course creature comforts are important and we feel strongly that your hotel should provide a level of comfort and service that you don’t have at home… however our luxury Arctic and Nordic trips are also all about the luxury experiences which will stay with you for the rest of your life as some of the most magical and awe inspiring you’ve ever had. As well as knowing each individual property like the back of our hand we also have experienced every adventure under the (midnight) sun. We will pre book and include these for you, or if you prefer you can book these with your efficient concierge service at your luxury hotel.

The Northern Lights are a spectacle worth seeing – we like to set you up in glass igloos, or panoramic treehouses so you have a full view of the night sky which is often spectacular regardless of whether you’re lucky enough to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Some of our properties are lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights for 250 nights a year, giving you an excellent chance of seeing them. There is something other worldly and spiritual about these amazing lights and you will always remember the first time you saw them.

Snowmobiling is a big feature of any Arctic or Nordic holiday and is totally unique to the Arctic Circle. Many of our properties now offer electric snowmobiles to ensure as little impact to the environment. These amazingly fun and exhilarating machines are easy to drive without any prior experience, and will see you setting off into the glacier lined forests of the Arctic Circle. Explorations are guided by experts on the local area and you will often stop to explore the local flora and fauna on foot.

Husky sledding, kennel visits and interaction is also a huge highlight on any of our luxury holidays – if you’re lucky they will even have a litter of puppies at the kennels when you’re there. The sheer excitement of the dogs to get out into the wilderness is completely infectious, and the relationship between handler and dogs is a moving and inspiring thing to see. This offers an eco-friendly way of exploring the wilderness.

Reindeer are also a huge part of life – many are wild and free in these countries and reindeer herding is a way of life – they are docile and friendly and we love the cultural aspect of this experience as you learn more about the Sami people and their way of life.

Skiing, snowshoeing and cross country skiing are exceptional in all the countries we offer and are always based out of some of the most remote and dramatic landscapes in the world. These activities are perfect for the more active guest and we can also tailor make this if you’re looking to do any of the above in a private or even wilder location. Alaska is a hot spot for heli skiing and other helicopter tours.

Hiking, biking and canoeing are also fantastic options for Summer holidays throughout Alaska, Norway, or Finland – the Summer months offer a totally different experience to the Winter and in fact we feel trips to these countries are so different depending on the season you need to go at least twice.

Wildlife is a huge feature and we can organise tours by specialists if you have certain areas of interest – in Alaska visit The Bear Camp, where you will be safely surrounded by bears simply going about their business, the camp has been cleverly set up not to impact their lives. Wildlife in the Arctic includes whales, seals, arctic foxes, reindeer, polar bears – we love viewing wildlife from any of our luxury cruises or yachts, but if this is your focus we can also arrange land based safaris.

Ice driving is huge across Finland, Norway and Sweden and we have some of the most spectacular driving tours in the world in these areas. Ice driving specialists will take you out onto ice pans and a wonderful day of skidding and sliding will be had by all – off road driving here is some of the best in the world.

Essentially you name it, we’ll be able to do it – we take pride in being able to organise anything, with access to some of the top specialists and expedition leaders in that area.