Exploring Magic by Water

There are tonnes of stunning lodges and hotels to choose from when embarking on a trip to the Arctic Circle. Whether it be in Norway, Sweden, or Iceland to name but a few, there is another way you can explore the craggy coastline and come up close and personal with vast glaciers and icebergs – an arctic or Antarctic cruise. There are several stunning boats to choose from when doing this and we want to give you and insight on what you are likely to experience with your time on one of these cruises.

All the boats we work with are very high end, luxurious with wonderful knowledgeable staff and sometimes scientists. Please don’t get it wrong when what springs to mind are the vast cruise boats you often see advertised or even moored up in harbour, taking a capacity of 5,000 people and is akin to a floating city. No, we work with much much smaller vessels ensuring your time aboard is unique and memorable. With the chance to land or anchor up in some of the most beautiful and deserted coves and beaches, it’s a not brainer in our books!

With the boats being much smaller, and therefore the amount of people on board restricted, you will have the chance to become involved with lectures by respected marine biologists, experts and adventurers, these opportunities are spell binding. Each day is guided by options with what the people on board would like to do, often being very much tailor made around your wants and needs – something you will never be able to do on the larger vessels. Focus on birdlife, marine life or even the surrounding landscapes, the opportunities are endless. They even have the flexibility to veer slightly of the normal course if they chance upon something unique and worth investigating, to have the opportunity to be involved with something like this, it is definitely worth exploring. The luxury yacht and boat cruises we suggest, can take you everywhere from Svalbard and Norway, to Iceland, Greenland and of course the Arctic and Antarctic. These cruises and excursions can be easily combined with some of the lodges and hotels inland and makes for a luxurious and rounded trip.

All the boats we work with have incredibly luxurious accommodation. With cosy, homely cabins, serviced by butlers and staff to satisfy all your wants and needs. The food is always gourmet and a very high standard, where you are treated to delicious hearty food to keep you warm. There is a huge emphasis on getting out of the boats and into smaller crafts to explore, hike and take in the surrounding scenes. The sights you will see and the feelings you will feel are all totally unrivalled and truly the only place in the world that can offer such experiences. Out on the boat, nature sets the rules, and this is one of the last places you can feel truly like you are the only person on earth. This untouched paradise imploring to be explored. This is the earth at its best; unexplored, untouched, and wonderfully pristine. Take the chance to cruise it in style and bring back memories to last a lifetime.