Fabulous Finland

We have some exciting updates coming in, hot off the press! Our MD Rose has just been out to Finland for a short trip and during her short stay there, she spent most of her time at Javri Lodge. Javri Lodge is in an area we call the Finnish Lapland and at this time of year you can expect lots of snow and lots of snowy activities to boot. Over the next couple of weeks keep an eye out on our blog posts for what she got up to as well as our Instagram for fun filled snowy pictures and videos.

A small bit of information about Javri Lodge is that it is one of Finland’s best-known lodges and offers all the luxury and comfort synonymous with its famous founder, Uhro Kekkonen – one of the longest running presidents of Finland. The lodge has seen everyone from Royalty to celebrities through its doors and it remains one of Finland’s top luxury lodges. Javri itself is beautifully reimagined and epitomises a chic log cabin, with modern clean lines, warm, comfortable, and sumptuous. If you want exclusive isolation there is no better place, then here. The concierge team will see to your every need and tailor every day to ensure you do exactly what you want, when you want to do it. So, be prepared over the next few weeks of some exciting up to date pictures, videos, and stories about Rose’s stay at Javri.

Finland as a country, has some of the most beautiful scenery of any luxury Arctic or Scandinavian tour. Blending historic and distinctive cultures with stunning coastlines and landscapes.

The country is known for its diverse and incredibly rich fauna, with 60 native mammals and over 240 different species of breeding birds. Keep your eyes posted for brown bears, grey wolves, wolverine, and elk. If fishing is your thing, then there are over 60 different species of fish with the Atlantic salmon remaining a fond favourite for any keen fly fisher. Whilst fishing, keep your eyes peeled for one the three last remaining lake seal species – hard to spot, but a joy when seen.

December through to early April are the best months to travel to Finland if you are looking for snowy activities, from snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, reindeer sledding and the faster husky sledding. The summer months where the scenery comes alive with colour are between June, July and August. Even the months in between, where the seasons change should not be dismissed and for budding photographers this is the perfect time to be in Finland.

We have on good authority, from the horses mouth we might say (!) that Javri Lodge lives up to its reputation, with comfortable and cosy furnishings, fabulous opportunities for adventures and explorations in the snow and the food is apparently to die for! So stay posted for some up to date tales from Finlands snowy interior and look out for a picture of a husky or two, or three!