Fabulous Finland

If you are seeking adventure so unique, so far away from the beaten track, then Finland is the place for you. It embodies everything a Nordic country has to offer; from its beautiful coastline dotted with picturesque fishing villages, to the dramatic ever-changing landscapes with its 168,000 lakes and 175,000 islands, to the unusual cultures and fascinating histories hiding behind every corner, your head will be filled with wonder on your return from Finland.

Finland has rich and incredibly diverse fauna – with over 240 different species of breeding birds and at least 60 native mammals (the grey wolf, brown bear, elk and wolverine being the most recognised native mammals) you are spoilt for choice with unique wildlife viewing opportunities. Stay a few nights in The Bear Centre, especially between the months of April through to October, as the bears will be emerging from hibernation at the beginning and then preparing to hibernate towards the end of October. They have over 30 bears within the area, plus wolverines and wolves, and with 5 luxury cabins, which have floor to ceiling windows, you will, without doubt see some, if not all of these wonderful animals.

If fishing is your cup of tea, then you will have up to 60 different species of fish to choose from, with the Atlantic Salmon being the most sought after. Fly fishing has never been so popular!

The variety in activities, sights and sounds Finland has to offer enables travellers a plethora of things to enjoy. From April through to October the months are warmer, whereas December through to March/April will mean winter activities abound, such as snowmobiling, skiing, sledging etc will be more available.

Finland is incredibly proud to show the world how much variety they have to offer with regards to terrain – from Mountains, to large lakes and beautiful forests. Finland is also a ‘right to roam’ country, meaning you can freely explore everywhere without having to gain the landowners permission. On top of this, you are encouraged to forage for food. We can help you put together a trip to include foraging expeditions as well as survival courses, Finland is the place to do exactly these types of activities.

In Finland you are able to enjoy city experiences in the vibrant Helsinki where you can explore the 8 wonderful art museums which range from traditional Finnish art to international contemporary art. Head on up through Finland and explore the Central and Southern realms, with 20,000sq km and only 275,000 people populating the area, it is wonderfully wild. Finally, finish your trip off in the Finnish Lapland. This area is fabulous both during the winter as well as the summer. Often referred to as the closest place to winter wonderland in the world, making it one of the ultimate winter holiday destinations in the world.

As it stands, with Covid regulations changing frequently, Finland is welcoming residents from the following countries to travel for leisure – The Vatican, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, South Korea and Rwanda. There is currently no mandatory testing and/or quarantining for residents from these countries.

The infection rates in all countries are being monitored by the Finnish Government who are continuously reassessing the travel restrictions and re-evaluating the rules. Here at The Luxury Arctic Travel Company, we are all also continually keeping our ear to the ground as to the new goings on and updates with travel requirements and restrictions and we will always keep you up to date with all of the goings on.