Focus on Reykjavik

Would you agree that City escapes can be quite hard to choose? We think this is probably due to there being too much choice, so you’re left feeling deflated and ultimately no closer to deciding where you would like to stay and what you would like to do. Never fear, we are here to help with this! With our focus being on Iceland’s Reykjavik, read the below with a couple of places we would recommend you stay and what you are likely to experience when staying in this diverse city.

Reykjavik as a city itself is full to the brim with cultural experiences to enjoy. Wherever you are coming from throughout the world, you will always start your journey in Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik. It is also believed to be the first ever settlement in Iceland, dating back to around 874AD. Take a step back in time and visit the likes of the National Museum and the Settlement Exhibition which is a fascinating archaeological museum focused on a Viking longhouse, only recently discovered in 2001. Present day Reykjavik is considered to be one of the safest cities to travel to throughout the world as well as one of the cleanest. Visit the Old Harbour, on the northern side of the city, which is bustling with tonnes of culture and the Viking Maritime Museum – hard to believe that in 1913 and 1917 this area was solely a service harbour. Galleries and numerous restaurants await also, plus whale watching, puffin tours, the Gerdarsfn Contemporary museum or try the fabulous acoustics in the Salurinn Concert Hall. These are only a few of the many places you can enjoy whilst staying in Iceland.

Only a few minutes’ drive from downtown Reykjavik, is the brand-new Sky Lagoon. Located at Kársnes Harbour, Kópavogur, this stunning new spa offers old Icelandic traditions combined with a modern twist. Offering two packages – The Pure Pass & The Sky Pass – each have the opportunity to experience the seven-step ritual Sky Lagoon has. This ritual begins its journey within the changing room, out into the warm geo-thermal pools – where the sky meets the ocean – after this warming relaxing experience, it is time to cool down and take the plunge. A deeply traditional step for Icelanders: you can either wander in the cool Icelandic air or embrace your inner Viking and take a dip in the cold pool. This has huge benefits both physically and mentally, all incredibly positive. Next, take 5-10 minutes in the sauna, following this step through a cold mist fog, this combination enlivens your skin and senses. Step 5, apply the Sky Body Scrub, scrape away all of your worries and leave with a new sense of well-being and feeling totally rejuvenated.

If you are looking to stay in a place that has a sense of style and flare, then look no further than the Hotel Borg. Looking over the Austurvöllur, smack in the heart of Reykjavik, with views from the rooms looking across to the Althingi (the Icelandic parliament). This hotel has 99 rooms and suites in total and has an Art Deco theme running throughout. Not only is this hotel opposite the Icelandic parliament, and the Austurvöllur – The Reykjavik Cathedral – it is also a stone’s throw away from the Laugavegur shopping street, National Gallery of Iceland, National Museum and Hallgrímskirkja church.

Last but by no means least, we would recommend The ION Adventure Hotel. This stunning, modern and incredibly comfortable hotel is close to the Golden Circle Route and Thingvellir National Park which makes it the perfect spot for exploring everything Iceland and Reykjavik has to offer. On the other hand, this hotel has an incredible spa where you can simply relax and destress with views stretching out as far as the eye can see. You can also spend days exploring the volcanic Mount Hengill, day trips into Reykjavik. The Silfra Restaurant offers farm fresh local produce, evenings spent at the Northern Lights bar present an extraordinary place to take in the dramatic scenery. Staying at this hotel will allow you to have a truly Icelandic experience even before stepping outside.

I hope we have given you three good options to explore and enjoy when landing into Reykjavik. If you need any extra help, do get in touch and we can guide you through what we think would be the best locations for you to stay at, depending on what you would like to see or do.