The Arctic Snow Hotel

The Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos are both iconic when it comes to luxury Finland tours, no stay in this amazing country is complete without experiencing the wonder of staying in this amazing hotel. The glass roofed igloos provide the perfect night under the stars, with the possibility of watching the Northern Lights from the comfort of your bed. Aurora Borealis has never looked so special, as it does from this vantage point. The Glass Igloos are made up of electrically heated glass, so you do not have to fear the cold when staying here – even the beds are motorized so you can adjust the angle to ensure you have the perfect view of the dramatic night sky.

The SnowHotel offers the equally extraordinary experience of sleeping on a transparent bed made of snow and ice, carved each year this hotel will never look the same. The rooms are carved with ice art and are 0-5 degrees centigrade – you will be fully dressed by the hotels clothing and extreme condition sleeping bags alongside reindeer pelts mean you can keep toasty. The Aurora alarm will wake you if the Northern Lights should appear over the lake while you sleep.

Days here are full of wonder as you enjoy the snow sauna, eating delicious traditional and modern food served by the restaurant, snow shoe hiking, snow sculpting, ice fishing, culture, and snowmobile safaris.