Octola has been known for some time now as the pinnacle of luxury wilderness retreats in Finland, and in fact amongst all of the Nordic countries. This amazing property is small, exclusive and in line with the top hotels across the world. If you have a group of four or more consider taking it on exclusive use. Regardless of whether you can or not every guests finds their room private and exclusive anyway, the emphasis here is on the peace and tranquillity of the wilderness.

Octola was designed with the Lapp and Sami traditions in mind and offers the perfect blend of modern and traditional décor, it is homely and relaxing yet extremely luxurious. Food here is gourmet and you will never want for a single thing. From here you can see the Northern Lights from August all the way through to April, there is tonnes to do here and the emphasis is on learning about the traditional life of the Sami. Everything done here is the best of the best, and we recommend fitting this into every Finland holiday.