Explore Svalbard By Luxury Cruise

Travelling the wilderness by boat can be one the most rewarding and life changing experiences you can do and our expeditions through the Arctic will take you to the places that few have ever been before. Our small Arctic cruises come complete with on board scientists, photographers, guides and expedition crews who all make for a truly remarkable insight into this ever changing and breath-taking place.

Onboard our expedition vessels there are state of the art facilities including various observation spots, luxury rooms, lecture areas, wellness centre including a gym and spa and a team of chefs to prepare beautifully fresh food in the onboard dining room.

Activities are also endless and include both sea and land activities such as sea kayaking, snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding, snow showing, hiking and ice camping.

Below are few of our favourite itineraries but it’s worth noting that we offer a range of well-planned and bespoke itineraries to cater for all our client needs. The most important thing is that exploring the Arctic has just become even better.

The Svalbard Odyssey

Enjoy the very best of the Svalbard Archipelago. This 11-day cruise takes full advantage of the world of endless daylight and is the ideal cruise for those wanting to see Polar Bears, Beluga whales and the endless bird life which call the sea cliffs home.

Day 1 – Enjoy a fully guided tour of Svalbard’s capital town of Longyearbyen. The town includes a rich national and cultural heritage and includes both the Svalbard museum and the North Pole Expedition Museum which recounts the early efforts to the reach the pole by air.

Day 2 – 11 Takes a cruise northward towards and along the west coast of Spitsbergen. This coastline is perfect for on shore activities such as snowshoeing and hiking up nearby mountains to give stunning views of the wonderful fjords in the distance. The area is also home to wonderful bird life such as Puffins and Guillemots which have grown to make use of these cliffs as refuge from the harsh weathers. As the cruise progresses around the coastline the onboard zodiacs take you to hidden spots in search for the mighty polar bears of which there are believed to be 3000 in the archipelago. The zodiacs also offer a perfect way to take in the magnificent sweeping glaciers which wind their way into the sea. Throughout the cruise you will also find ample opportunities to visit relics of 16thcentury whalers.  As you cruise along the coast you will also see walrus’s basking on the beaches and swimming through the formidable pack ice of the Arctic ocean.  As you head north you may also find polar bears who are enjoying the sunny weather and hoping to stock up on some food after a long winter in hibernation.

Day 12 – On this penultimate day you will cross the Barents Sea to Kirkenes which offers ideal chances to see whales and photograph sea birds as they feed in the seas well stocked waters.

Day 13 – You will arrive back at the Norwegian town of Kirkenes where you go onwards to new adventures.