Iceland's South West

Iceland is one of the most versatile countries within the Arctic Circle. Consisting of wonderfully dramatic landscapes featuring volcanoes, hot springs, dramatic geysers, and flowing lava fields. It has tonnes of versatility to withhold. Within this blog, we will be focusing on some of the fabulous properties within the Southwest of the country, with places like Hotel Husafell, Fontana Wilderness and Skalakot Manor, to name but a few. The Southwestern area of Iceland offers a real mix between spectacular beaches to vast fields of lava.

Iceland is not known for its beaches, but we would recommend taking the opportunity to see some of them. The Reynisfjara Beach is a real top spot to visit; with impressive rock foundations and black lava sand, it was awarded one of the top 10 most beautiful non tropical beaches in the world in 1991. You may also have heard of the Reynisdranger sea stack formations – you must see it to believe it! Ancient folklore believes these stacks were once trolls who were trying to pull ships in from the sea, but when dawn rose, the trolls succumbed to their curse, turning them into solid stone. Impressive in many ways, the sea in this area has a notorious reputation. It is believed that due to the lack of any significant land masses between Reynisfjara and Antarctica, the waves can build up significant strength meaning that even on a still summer day they can rise very quickly. Be aware of this when you visit this beach, but it does make for some spectacular views of nature at its rawest.

Focusing on some of our top recommendations to stay at within The Southwest of Iceland. Hotel Husafell is modern, clean, and comfortable and offers a truly Icelandic plethora of activities which will not only suit the most adventurous of souls, but also the more laid-back guest who simply wants to benefit from the healing properties of the thermal baths. Hotel Husafell is very environmentally friendly with an emphasis on preserving the local habitat and making as little impact as possible.

Fontana Wilderness is another wonderful stay. Fontana Wellness takes advantage of its location next to the natural steam baths of Lake Laugarvatn and is all about healing the body, mind, and soul, all of this from an extremely luxurious hotel.

Finally, the immersive Skalakot Manor. The Skalakot Manor is a much-loved family run hotel, in the remote mountainous wilderness in Southern Iceland, they are a famous breeder of Icelandic horses and its fascinating to get an insight into this side of Icelandic tradition. The Manor is decorated in and art deco style and is relaxed, informal and enchanting. Stays here are tranquil and full of adventure no matter what time of year you visit.

You can also explore Iceland by Luxury Cruise. There is an eleven-day cruise we would recommend as it is an ideal trip to fully explore the land of ice and fire. The cracking of snow caped glaciers and rumbling of nearby active volcanoes are all part of this epic adventure. You can also explore the iconic black sandy beaches and see everything from bubbling hot pools and geysers and some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. Onboard specialists and naturalists will be on hand to reveal all there is to know about this extraordinary place which is so rich in wildlife and culture.