Inspiring Iceland

Let’s take you to another one of our favourite countries within the Arctic Circle, Iceland. Iceland is a Nordic Island nation which is defined by dramatic landscapes including geysers, hot springs, volcanoes, and bubbling lava fields … you can’t deny that already, Iceland has a huge variety to offer! Huge glaciers dot the landscape and are protected in Vatnajokull and Snaefellsjokull National Parks. Iceland is located on the very outer edge of the Arctic Circle and as mentioned, has a huge amount of volcanic activity. It is one of the worlds most volcanically active spots and as such because of this, its ground is rich with nutrients to produce the most beautiful flowers in the summer months. The rough and rugged terrain of Iceland offers a truly inspiring landscape dotted with glaciers, stunning waterfalls such as the Gulfross Waterfall, natural geysers, and the chance to bathe in natural hot springs too.

You may often hear the term ‘land of the midnight sun’ or ‘land of fire and Ice’ and Iceland envelops all these terms. During the month of June, the sun rises at 3am and then sets around midnight. Iceland celebrates every Solstice with numerous National holidays – holidays in Iceland always have something fascinating about them, no matter what time of year you travel. Talking of volcanic activity, you can enjoy watching some of the more active volcanoes from a distance away by boat cruise. We aim to get you into more of the remote pools and springs so you will not be affected by the huge crowds of the more touristy areas. Iceland is incredibly energy efficient, and it is believed that more than 75% of homes in Iceland are now powered by the natural sources around them, such as the many geothermal springs.

Icelandic holidays offer endless scope for the keen bird watcher, with some of the cliff top breeding areas being the most active in the world – see this by boat, yacht, or luxury cruise. If you are a fan of penguins, you can see the northern hemisphere version of the penguin in the form of a puffin! (You can only find penguins in the southern hemisphere, and polar bears in the northern hemisphere). Iceland is also home to the only native mammal, the arctic fox which is believed to have been there since the end of the last ice age. Settlers in the 9th century are believed to have introduced the Icelandic ponies which uniquely have two further gaits, including an ambling gait which is often referred to as the tilt and the flugskeid which translates as flying pace. Much of Iceland is uninhabited and gives way to vast areas of wilderness, exploring these by native Icelandic ponies is a must on any luxury Iceland vacation.

Thanks to its Northern location, Iceland is also one of the leading hot spots to witness the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. We will set you up in a remote wilderness such as Deplar Farm or Skalakot Manor, which are both incredibly luxurious and comfortable and the views of the natural phenomena will be truly magical. The incredible light display is the solar particles from sunspots exploding, entering the earth’s magnetic field, and ionising at a high atmosphere. They usually appear as dancing lights high in the sky and although photographed as green, to the naked eye other colours emerge such as reds, pinks, oranges, blues, and purples swirling in the nights sky.

Book your adventurous escape to Iceland now with one of our experts who will put together various options to explore this incredible volcanic landscape with activities including horse riding, helicopter flips, glacier trekking, 4×4 tours and snowmobiling to name a few. We have no doubt that whatever you plan, will be one breath-taking journey.