Javri Lodge Finland

Continuing news from Finland’s Javri Lodge, we wanted to pass on the kind of activities you can experience and enjoy when staying here. From first-hand experience of a trip, we have just done to Javri, we can categorically say, all the activities on offer are incredible experiences to enjoy in a snowy climate. From snowmobiling to cross country skiing, husky sledding, and reindeer sledding, we want to tell you first-hand some tales from our recent trip.

For all activities, Javri Lodge is equipped with all the gear you may need, if not more! If you’re planning on spending a couple of hours out in the cold snowy surroundings, you will need equipment to ensure you keep warm as it is normal to be around -15 degrees. From cosy Michelin man styled thermal jackets and trousers, to sumptuously cosy snow boots and shoes, plus gloves (you may be required to bring your own snuggly hat, but I am sure Javri will provide them if you have forgotten to pack it). When cross-country skiing, they have up to date equipment ensuring you have the right feel for what it should be like. If this is your first-time cross-country skiing as well, you will always be partnered with a guide who knows exactly what they are talking about. When Rose spent a couple of days at Javri Lodge recently, they had the wonderful Sonja accompanying and teaching them all they need to know about the physical sport. Although at times it wasn’t the elegant sport, being beginners (!), it was none the less incredibly enjoyable and Sonja made their experience incredibly entertaining and fun.

(The array of wonderful equipment Javri Lodge provides)

Snowmobiling is another fantastic and thrilling activity to enjoy at Javri Lodge. Again, donning the same exquisite thermal attire, boarding the vehicles after safety checks, the snowy playground greeted them with open arms. Although the vehicles are heavy, they seem to glide over the snow with ease. However, tumbles in the deep fresh snow can often be inevitable. There was one such incidence that this did happen, but the pace you go at is not too dangerous and with the thick thermal outfits and abundant amount of fresh soft (yet cold) snow cushions the blow and the main trouble is trying to pull yourself out of the snow! This will always result in giggles and hilarity all round – good core memories made we think!

Sledding with huskies and reindeer are also activities not to be missed. Meeting the dogs who are proper working dogs, loving outside in cosy boxes to protect them from the elements, but the dogs are also covered in thick fur, perfect for the conditions they live in. It is fair to say, they LOVE their job. Meeting the pups, some shrieking and barking excitedly knowing exactly what they are about to do. Seeing a team working together, pulling a sled across the snow, there’s nothing quite like it, nothing more magical. Similarly, Reindeer sledding, which is a bit more sedate, is nothing more than a magical experience.

If you would like to know more information about booking your stay at Javri Lodge, then please get in contact. It is the perfect break away for a long weekend.