Norway 2021

The stunning country of Norway, bordering Sweden on the Eastern side, has over 25,000km of stunning coastline facing the North Atlantic, plus numerous amounts of Fjords. It is, to put it simply, utterly stunning. Combining both breath-taking scenery with cities rich in Norwegian culture, it is a hugely underestimated country to explore because of its huge versatility.

Norway is probably best known for its Viking Heritage, with programs such as ‘Vikings’ being hugely popular (which, ironically was mostly filmed in Ireland), visiting the legitimate historical locations of the famous Ragnor Lothbrok would be something to tick off the bucket list for any fan. Imagine visiting the preserved 9th Century Viking Ships displayed at Oslo’s Viking Ship museum. The Viking Planet, located in Oslo, is also a must see. It combines both state of the art technology alongside Viking memorabilia, literally bringing history to life.

Bergan has wonderful and colourful traditional wooden houses and is usually the dramatic starting point for many tours and cruises on route to one of Norway’s famous Fjords, Sognefjord. Sognefjord is located in the Vestland county of Norway on the Western side – nick named ‘The King of the Fjords’ it is the largest fjord stretching 250 kilometres inland from the ocean, ending at the small and quaint village of Skjolden. The Fjord is also one of the deepest within Norway too, a real sight to behold. The Gerianger Fjord and Naeroy Fjord are two others that need to be visited as well. Both of these Fjords are featured on the UNESCO World Heritage list and the Naeroy Fjord is just 17km long and at its widest point is only 500 metres – seriously breath-taking.

Take a trip or stay near the Svartisen Glacier. It is Norway’s second largest Glacier, located in Svartisen National Park in Northern Norway. Once there, stay at the Snohetta, Norway’s – if not the worlds – most eco-friendly hotel. Designed around its natural habitat, the Snohetta has been built to encourage the growth of natural plants as well as working alongside nature to benefit both the preservation of the surrounding landscape, as well as the hotel itself. Norway are huge pioneers for reducing its footprint on climate change and most of the lodges and hotels follow these values. So you can be safe in the knowledge you are doing something in the fight towards climate change, as well as having a relaxing time!

Continue exploring the cultural delights of Norway by experiencing the way of life the Indigenous people of Norway, the Sami people. Famous for their nomadic way of life, traditional Nordic clothes and huge Reindeer herds. There are many places you can experience their way of life, from fishing to herding reindeer, eating traditional food and generally learning about their way of life. Culturally, Norway has it all.

Travelling to Norway is currently very restricted, however we are hopeful that information regarding this will begin to change over the next couple of months. Currently for anyone who is able to travel to Norway from a ‘red’ country, you must present a negative Covid test certificate (SARS-CoV-2 test), this must be taken within 24 hours of departure. If the border control feel it is necessary, you may be required to take a PCR test on arrival into Norway as well. You will also be required to self-isolate within a designated hotel on arrival for 10 days before travelling onwards in Norway. This is the current advice from the Norwegian government, but we are hopeful some of the quarantine restrictions will be lifted by the 31st May when we also expect Norway to be on the UK’s Green List.

The Luxury Arctic Travel Company will always ensure you have the best knowledge about the places we recommend for you. Having visited most of them ourselves, we know exactly what the areas, locations and accommodations are like first-hand. We will also keep everyone updated with any further knowledge about travel restrictions as and when we receive the information.