Another Scandinavian country we would love to draw to your attention is Norway. Known for its magnificent and beautiful fjords, mountains, and glaciers. Norway borders Sweden in the east and has one of the most impressive and picturesque coastlines stretching for approximately 25,000 km interspersed with deep coastal fjords. Norway combined perfect breath-taking scenery and cities vastly rich in culture. As a country, it is often considered to be one of the best places in the world to live, with a very small population compared to its size.

Oslo is the capital of Norway, located in the south with around 700,000 people living the city. Although technically a city, it doesn’t lose the ‘small town’ feel. Tronheim, Stavenger and Tromso are also other popular cities in Norway which still maintain the small-town approach. The town of Bergen on the Southwestern coast is one of the most well-known touring destinations and combines picturesque architecture surrounded by stunning fjords and mountains – including the Sognefjord which is one of the country’s deepest and longest fjords. The traditional and colourful wooden houses of the Old Wharf in the Bryggen area of town are very famous and is also included in the list of the UNESCO world heritage sites. In Bergen you can look forward to fantastic hiking routes as well as numerous activities in the majestic fjords. It has incredible views and is a photographer’s paradise because of this.

Naeroy Fjord and Gerianger Fjord, which are also featured in the UNESCO World Heritage list are two places you should visit when journeying to Norway. The Naeroy Fjord for one, is 17km long and only 500 metres at its widest point but must be one of the most incredible natural fjords in Europe.

The country is known around the world for its rich Viking heritage, and it remains an important and significant part of the Norwegian culture and history. Throughout the country there are many Viking museums and towns which to this day, still protect and look after the heritage that the Vikings left behind. A museum which we feel is a must visit is The Viking Planet, located in the capital of Oslo, it combines state of the art technology which historic Viking memorabilia allows it to come to life, resurrecting Viking times to its visitors. It is a true insight into Norway’s history and culture. If you are a thrill seeker and want to discover more beauties from the natural side of Norway, then a visit to the Svartisen National Park, which is home to the second largest glacier in the country and another must see when visiting this country.

Like many of the Arctic Circle’s surrounding countries, Norway is among those that has made a conscious effort to reduce its footprint on the global climate change, with many of its lodges – and most of which we work with – follow this with eco-friendly systems and sustainability at their core. It is now one of the leading countries with regards to maintaining this green label. In 2019, Oslo was voted one of the greenest capitals in Europe. As mentioned on our home page for Norway, the country also incorporates its eco conditions and legislation into the travel industry and hotels must comply with strict sustainability rules to protect its surrounding, stunning natural habitat.

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The Sami people are Norway’s indigenous people and mainly inhabit large areas of the Northern area of Norway and Sweden. These amazing people have survived over the years through a livelihood largely made up of coastal fishing and fur trapping. They are also renowned for their almost nomadic reindeer herding. Considering this Norway has made reindeer herding legally reserved for the Sami people to protect their heritage and culture. The Sami population is modest at around 70,000. The large majority of these are the Northern Sami’s who have a population of around 42,000. They are incredibly friendly people and learning about their lives and history as reindeer herders is fascinating. Reindeer sledding with them is a must on your luxury Norway vacation and we can easily prearrange this for you at all our luxury lodges and hotels throughout Norway. So, what are you waiting for? Whether it is a summer escape of hiking or a winter getaway of snowmobiling and sledding, then we can get you well on your way to having a trip of a lifetime.