The Storfjord Hotel

We want to take you to a special place within the heart of Norway’s Fjords, the stunning Storfjord Hotel within Sunmore Alps. The scenery is nothing short of mesmerising and inside the rustic and beautiful log cabins, lies a real gem in Norway’s top stays. The Storfjord Hotel oozes ultimate relaxation and exclusivity, yet at the same time is wonderfully informal and relaxed making people who stay here feel immediately at home. Beautifully decorated inside and out, by some of Norway’s top designers and no matter which room you find yourself staying in, you will be completely enchanted by its stunning design.

The hotel boasts some wonderful artwork as well as some very uniquely selected antiques throughout. Located on a the side of a stunning hill, the Storfjord hotel has some of the most incredible views of the fjord. With an array of activities to choose from, you will be utterly spoilt for choice. From a carbon neutral experience in an electric Porsche, visiting an authentic fjord farm where you will meet a charming couple who are friends of the Storfjord in the fjord village of Glomset. Here you will find the traditional and delightful way of life where the people who live here continue to hunt, bake, grow and fish for everything they make and serve at the farm. You will learn about their cultural heritage and unique craftsmanship with delicious food tastings, private dinners, baking classes and storytelling. Kayaking from Glomset bay allows you to paddle through the breath-taking scenery of Storfjord and the Sunmøre Alps.

If you are a keen angler, then local city of Ålesund has a secret it is willing to share with guests who stay at the Storfjord Hotel. Having direct access to the open sea, Borgundfjord is the place to enjoy the seasonal spoils of cod and herring. Between February and April, cod and herring use this area to reproduce, so the quantity of fish is plenty. It is a protected area for fishing, but the type of fishing you will do, will not affect the supply, so do not worry about upsetting the balance. At the end of your day fishing, you can take home your catch and the chefs at The Storfjord Hotel will be more than happy to cook up something sumptuous to enjoy the fruits of spoils.

For those with a bit more adventure in their blood, then how about exploring the Sunmøre region by air. Helicopter trips are available when staying at The Storfjord Hotel where you can piece together exactly what you want to see with your helicopter pilot: from sweeping above glaciers, flying through fjords, and journeying above stunning local landmarks, this airborne thrill is something not to be missed. Depending on how long you want to go, you will have the opportunity to stop in some fantastic locations for lunch and even dinner – perhaps if you are celebrating something special, this would be the perfect trip to enjoy. Helicopter transfers are also available from the airport to the hotel and back if you want to start and end your trip with something special.