The Wild North

The Wild North. If you have a love of all things mountainous, you look at vast rolling, varied land and get a real thrill and kick out of what you see, it inspires you and you are hungry for more, the scenes surrounding you make you eager to explore and experience more. The wild north is the place for you. Here at The Luxury Arctic Travel Company, we are hungry. Hungry to pass on the joys, thrills, and experiences you are likely to enjoy when you book your adventure.

Life is about experiences. Luxury travel is no longer defined only by the quality of just your hotel. Creature comforts are of course incredibly important, and we have no doubt the hotels we would recommend are up to the mark for this. However, our Luxury Arctic and Nordic trips are also all about the luxury experiences which will stay with you for the rest of your life as some of the most magical and awe inspiring you will ever have. We know each individual property like the back of your hand, and we have also experienced ever adventure under the (midnight!) sun.

The Northern lights are one of the best natural phenomena you are probably likely to witness. Imagine sleeping within a glass igloo in a comfortable cloud like bed, or picture yourself in a panoramic treehouse so you have a full view of the night sky which is often spectacular regardless of whether you’re lucky enough to see the Aurora Borealis. Some of the properties we would recommend have reportedly witnessed the Northern Lights for 250 nights of the year, giving you an excellent chance of seeing them. There is something totally other worldly and hugely spiritual about these amazing lights, always remembering where you were the first time you saw this spectacle.

Hiking, biking, canoeing, and kayaking are also fabulous options for summer holidays throughout Alaska, Norway, and Finland. The summer months in these countries offer a totally different experience to the winter months and in fact we feel trips to these countries are so different depending on the season, you need to go at least twice!

Wildlife is also a huge feature. In Alaska, a must see is The Bear Camp, here you will be surrounded by bears simply going about their bear business. The Bear Camp has been cleverly designed so as not to impact their lives. Wildlife in the North also includes whales, seals, arctic foxes, reindeer, and polar bears to name but a few. Take advantage of the fabulous luxury cruises and yachts where you can enjoy whale watching and seeing seals almost very up close and personal!

Finally, if the above can’t tempt you, Ice driving is our final attempt to get you! It is huge across Finland, Norway and Sweden and we have some of the most spectacular driving tours in the world in these areas. Ice Driving specialists will take you out onto the ice pans and a wonderful day will ensue of skidding and sliding across this space. On top of the ice driving, off road driving is some of the best in the world.

We hope we have tempted you enough to get the travel juices flowing, if youre not a wildlife nerd, adrenaline junkie, then we hope we may have tapped into you motor nuts!! Adventure is waiting for you.