The Northern Lights are a huge draw for anyone on a luxury Scandinavia or Arctic holiday – we specialise in ensuring you see them from the most remote spot possible with as little light pollution as possible – they are best viewed at certain times of year and we hope to outline this for you here. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) can be hard and rare to see, making it even more special when they do grace the night sky. We will do our best to maximise your luxury Northern Lights experience, and ensure you are in the best place at the best time giving you the highest chance to seeing them.

Best Time To See The Northern Lights in Alaska: in September and March, between 12h30-04h30 (AM).

Best Time To See The Northern Lights in Iceland: late August to Mid April – anytime from 18h00.

Best Time To See The Northern Lights in Norway: October to March – anytime from 18h00.

Best Time To See The Northern Lights in Sweden: December to February – anytime from 18h00.

Best Time To See The Northern Lights in Finland: mid August to early April – anytime from 18h00.

Chances of seeing the famed Northern Lights are around 40% on clear nights only. When doing a luxury tour of Scandinavia or Alaska the chances of seeing them (if you go at the right time) are high as you will generally do holidays of 7 to 10 nights, meaning that at some point along the route you should be lucky enough to have a clear night with the Northern Lights displaying in all their splendour.

All of our luxury lodges and hotels maximise your chances by having huge open windows and really making the most of the views, some of them will even have Northern Lights alarms to ensure you can get a good nights’ rest, only being woken when the magic of the Northern Lights begins. We also have some amazing hot tubs placed perfectly to witness not only the Northern Lights but vast skies full of bright stars.

We are also able to offer night excursions in a variety of ways on any of our luxury holidays – spent well lit evenings out on a snowmobile, or with the huskies – or even snow shoeing quietly through the wilderness with an experienced guide. The vast wildernesses in Scandinavia or Alaska mean that light pollution is almost nil, making for some of the most dramatic and enchanting night skies anywhere in the world.

Every one of our luxury Northern Lights properties has expert staff on hand to help you have the best chance of seeing them – they can read the conditions and give educated guesses as to when they may appear. You won’t miss a thing on any of our luxury vacations and we want you to experience everything and anything. Our luxury tours of Scandinavia and Alaska are not just about the extreme luxury in our hotels and lodges, but the pure joy of experiencing pristine untouched wilderness.