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Christmas in the Arctic Circle is a big thing, there is literally no Christmas more magical than one spent amongst fresh snow, reindeer, huskies and of course Father Christmas himself. It is not just for the children that this experience is one to remember, but also for adults – the romance and beauty at this time of year is second to none. As you can imagine Christmas in Iceland, Norway, Swedish Lapland or Finnish Lapland is very busy, therefore we do recommend booking this luxury trip as far in advance as possible.

Taking yourself off to spend time with Santa Claus and his elves, who famously originate from Lapland, really makes Christmas in The Arctic Circle the most unique experience you will have. Sleigh rides with the world famous reindeer, husky mushing/sledding and skiing are just some of the activities you can take part in while you are here. A visit to the husky kennels often allows you to get up close and personal with their adorable puppies – and it’s fascinating to see how these working dogs are produced and looked after.

The reindeer are a huge highlight on any luxury Christmas holiday, and they too often have little ones making for a very enjoyable few hours spent with these gentle and soft creatures. At the core of the reindeer experience is the Sami tribe and their people and traditions. They offer a fascinating insight into the original lifestyle of those people living in these incredibly remote wildernesses and delight in showing you the ins and outs of traditional life and reindeer herding.

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If you love to go on holiday over Christmas but do not feel like being surrounded by the bells and whistles of everything Father Christmas and his elves bring, then we of course have lots of amazing rather more understated luxury Christmas holiday ideas – your Christmas vacation will be whatever you want it to be and we have some extremely luxurious options for tranquil and peaceful Christmas getaways, or the more adventure filled vacations.

The Arctic Circle and all of the countries within that (Alaska, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Finland) offer such a vast array of activities and ways to explore the amazing wilderness. From November to March Winter offers delights not just revolved around Christmas, there really is something for everyone whether it’s snowmobiling, skiing, horse riding, husky sledding – or relaxing in geothermal pools while surrounded by sparkling glaciers. The Spring, Summer and Autumn provides yet another dimension – hiking, riding, fishing and other activities are beautiful and easy in these months and the stunning scenes of fields of wild flowers and babbling rivers cannot fail to enchant you.

We always endeavour to make sure all of our trips are sensational, but Christmas in these areas certainly has a magic to it which is hard to reproduce anywhere else. Swedish and Finnish Lapland offer the most luxurious Christmas holiday one can possibly imagine, and we will ensure the entire thing runs smoothly so the only thing you have to worry about is having the best Christmas of your life, in the home of Father Christmas himself.

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