PRICE PROMISE: Our luxury Arctic, Antarctica or Nordic quote may well be more expensive than others you receive, we hope it will be evident that our luxury travel options within this area are far superior but if it isn’t, don’t hesitate to ask us. We do not spare any expense on internal travel – if there’s a boat / helicopter / snowmobile option we’ll include it as we feel these experiences are what makes your luxury holiday a mind blowing escape from reality. We know this method is not for everyone and we can work with a variety of itineraries and proposals, therefore if you find a more economic quote anywhere we will of course promise to beat it considerably – we have the best rates at all luxury Arctic and Nordic lodges, camps, hotels, flights and cruises and we always pass these onto you. When booking direct with the properties you will often find they are more expensive than when booking through us.

It is always more economic to book your luxury tour through a company such as ours, as we have access to much better rates than you can get when booking direct.

OUR EXPERTISE: When we say we have first hand knowledge of these areas we really mean it. Our team is in the Nordics and Arctic throughout the year sporadically, often several times a year, revisiting our favourites and seeing and assessing new camps. We really know our stuff and it’s our first-hand knowledge that allows us to get it right every time. There will not be a single property we have not visited, so if you see something you like please ask us and we will be able to tell you in detail the ins and outs of whichever luxury camp or lodge you have selected.

OUR GUIDES & CONTACTS: Having travelled extensively in these areas our staff know personally many of the people who will be hosting you on the ground, on top of that we have some of the most famous Expedition Guides available to host and guide you if you feel like being more adventurous. All of our luxury yacht and boat cruises throughout the Arctic and Nordic countries are in fact guided by some of the World’s leading specialists in marine biology, Arctic wildlife, expeditions and much more. We can arrange for fully guided trips, or hold your hand through a more self sufficient holiday.

OUR SERVICE: We know you’re busy, therefore we are here for you when suits you – we are not restricted to business hours or work days – we are always available to you and will ensure that if the only time you can speak to us is 6am on a Sunday morning – we’ll be there! We love planning holidays and this means ‘work’ never feels like work – we love discussing plans and going over itineraries and are always here for you to make any amendments or changes you like.

WHEN YOU’RE OUT THERE: Our ground agents are at your beck and call 24 hours a day, on top of this we have 24 hour phone numbers directly to our staff, so we can address any changes you’d like to make, or any issues (although these are extremely rare!). Plans are always made quickly and efficiently should your flight into the Arctic or Nordics be delayed, and we have the contacts on the ground to be able to amend any arrangements immediately.

WE’RE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: We are currently operating a plastic and paper free office, and donate heavily to many charities associated with the wilderness areas in the Arctic Circle. All of our properties have to give back to their local area to warrant our experts sending guests there.