Antarctic & Arctic Boat Cruises

Antarctic & Arctic Boat Cruises

Spending time in the Arctic Circle on a luxury boat or yacht cruise offers the type of once in a lifetime bucket list experience that is not achievable anywhere else in the world. Our luxury yachts and boats in the Arctic circle are all high end, unbelievably luxurious and staffed by the world’s leading expedition guides and experts. We not only have been on these ourselves, but are in constant touch with the captains, managers and staff to ensure we know of every development amongst the luxury boats of the Arctic and Antarctic. We use smaller boats which allow our discerning guests to get into areas of the Nordics, Arctic and Antarctica that the larger boats cannot. You can land on remote ice caps, explore deserted beaches and wonder alone along rugged and wild coastline.

Our ability to plan private yacht charters or small group boat adventures throughout the Arctic means that your experience on board is also far more intimate. Lectures by respected marine biologists, adventurers and experts are personal – in a small comfortable room on board, ending with an open discussion on the topic of choice. Your day to day on these luxury boats is also totally tailor made – something only possible on the more exclusive and private boat and yacht charters.

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We have several set itineraries which take such wild and raw routes through the mind-blowing scenes of the Arctic Circle and Antarctica that they attract some of the world’s most famous and exciting adventurers to guide and lead them. All boats are staffed with passionate experts who not only love, but have an in-depth knowledge of these areas. No questions remain unanswered and your curiosity delights them. You will gain the most accurate and insightful knowledge of these areas, while taking in landscapes that can only be imagined in dreams.

Taking a private yacht or boat through the Arctic, Nordics or Antarctica is a sensational experience and allows more flexibility to do as you wish, and perhaps specialise in one passion such as birdlife, marine life or landscapes – our set itineraries however do allow you flexibility day to day regarding activities you’d like to do – many of our boats will also take unplanned routes if something fascinating is seen, so you’re never tied to one route and you can always expect the unexpected on your luxury holiday.

Our luxury yacht and boat cruises can take you everywhere from Svalbard and Norway, to Iceland, Greenland and of course the Arctic and Antarctica. Why not combine your luxury boat cruise with a stay in any of our luxury Nordic properties, or for an experience that will stay with you forever, visit White Desert in Antarctica.

Our luxury boat charters across the Arctic circle also boast luxury accommodation while on board – you will want for nothing, your cosy and homely cabin is serviced by butlers and staff there to satisfy your every whim. The food is gourmet and you are treated to delicious hearty meals to keep you lovely and warm. There is a huge emphasis on getting out of the boats and into smaller craft, to explore, hike and take in the dramatic scenes which will unfold before you.

We love and recommend our properties in the Nordics and Arctic, but spending time on these vessels is the most luxurious and exciting way to explore the area. The sights you will see, and the feelings you will feel, are all totally unrivalled and truly the only place in the world that can offer these experiences. Here nature sets the rules, and this is one of the last places you can truly feel like you are the last person on earth – this untouched paradise is just begging to be explored. This is earth, unexplored, untouched, pristine – best see from a luxury cruise in the Arctic circle.

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