White Desert Itineraries

There are several options for White Desert trips, but here are our favourites – of course we can also tailor your experience to suit you but this does require some forward planning:


Today you will fly from Cape Town to Wolf’s Fang (5 hours) – having left the lush lands of Africa to land into Antarctica is nothing short of surreal and magical. On landing you will then fly in White Desert’s own DC3 Basier, Mia, for 30 mins into camp. One of the best things about White Desert are their fully accredited carbon-neutral schemes meaning that all of your flying is guilt free.

You will stay at Whichaway Camp – with only six luxury sleeping pods this camp is one of the most luxurious in the World – the cosy and exquisitely designed pods are a world away from anything you will have stayed in before.

You are guided by professional polar explorers throughout, making for a fascinating trip with a real insight into the area and the history. Gentle hikes take you to picnics overlooking ice waves, and for the more active kite-skiing and ice-climbing are a must.

During your White Desert expedition you will fly 2 hours down the scenic coastline so a 3,000 strong breeding colony of emperor penguins – this colony is so remote that the chicks have never seen, and are therefore completely unafraid of humans, often waddling up to say hello.

The highlight of the trip is of course a scenic 7 hour flight to the South Pole – here you will learn about the amazing history and visit the American Amundsen-Scott Science base to learn about the pioneering research taking place there.


Once again you will leave the buzzing Cape Town (South Africa) for your 5 hour flight to Wolf’s Fang, before being flown onwards to Whichaway Camp, but not before you’ve explored the km high rock monoliths.

Days here can be as relaxed or as exciting as you wish – climbing Nunatak Mountain is a gentle stroll but offers the most spectacular views of the coastline of Antarctica. Here you can also visit the gleaming ice tunnels that extend for miles under the ice. Day three sees you explore the Schirmacher Oasis – terra firma surrounded by the Antarctic ice camp. Here you will also have access to the scientists who will explain about their ground breaking research in this area. 4×4 driving is also a feature as you visit the other worldly ice waves and walk along a 200ft cliff – a truly exhilarating experience.

If luxury boat cruises are not for you, and you want to stay somewhere truly extraordinary then White Desert’s Whichaway Camp is the one for you.