Finnish Lapland

Lapland is certainly not just for Christmas, but is also amazing during the Summer. Finnish Lapland is the largest and most Northern part of Finland. The area has been long associated with Father Christmas. This is largely due to it being proposed in 1927 by Markus Rautio. It is often referred to as the closest place to winter wonderland in the world –  making it one of the ultimate Winter or Christmas holiday destinations in the world.

The region covers 100,000 sq kms of which 90% are dry land and the rest is a mix of both fresh and sea water – this means Lapland in Finland offers such a vast array of activities that time spent here can be as busy, or relaxed, as you want.

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Northern Lapland is largely made up of forests and wilderness and often referred to as Fell-Sapmi. This remote area is ideal for any expeditions and gives people a true sense of adventure into the unknown – this area really is untouched and you will feel like one of the first great explorers.

Due to its Northern orientation Lapland does have distinct seasons and offers 24 hour sunlight the summer and near darkness for some of the more extreme Winter months/weeks. The Autumn months are absolutely stunning and referred to as “Ruska” which is a short period when the foliage turns into the bright colours – a must see when considering heading to Lapland outside of the Winter months. This time is often popular with photographers who want to take advantage of the stunning landscapes. As a general rule mid September is the best time to capitalise on this.

Lapland is also ideal for those who want to ski and is often referred to as a skier’s paradise. It is one of the few places in the world where true backcountry skiing is possible. Down-hill and cross-country skiing also remain incredibly popular in Lapland. Skiing is particularly good and mainly possible from February to end of April.

Along with Father Christmas Lapland is also renowned for its icon the reindeer. The reason for this is the number of reindeer in this region roughly equals the amount of people therefore you can understand why they are such a large part of this region, and the Sami culture. To this day the native Sami people still use reindeer sleighs as a suitable and practical way to cover the country. Reindeer racing is also a popular pastime across the region and the season is finalised at the end of the spring season with the National Championships.

The Northern culture hub of Rovanienmi is also in the region of Lapland. This is believed to be the capital of Finnish Lapland and is home to an interesting and unusual array of museums. It is also the latest population hub this near to the arctic circle with an estimated population of 65,000 – many of our luxury Lapland hotels are located in this region.

Food is a big part of the culture in Lapland and fish and game meats are staple foods in the area. They are renowned for their cheese which is often referred to as squeaky cheese, often served with the regions native Cloudberry Jam.

As well as all of the above Lapland is also considered to be the best place in the world to view the Northern Lights, all of our luxury tours will get you into the very best place to spot this natural phenomena if you travel at the right time. This is largely due to its generally cloudless skies and prevailing winds.

As a region Lapland also has keen eye for its eco credentials and the all tourism is focused towards sustainability to make sure this stunning and remote corner of the world is protected for may further generations, and to ensure on any luxury tour in Finnish Lapland you know you are giving back and not damaging the environment.

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