All About Alaska

This week we are looking into some of the wonderful places you can stay within Alaska & Greenland. Consisting of three different locations – The Far North, The south and southwest and the wild interior. We have a plethora of fabulous and unique places to stay that is sure to set the soul on fire.

We will start with the Far North which is one of Alaska’s five regions. Alaska is not as populated as some other countries, due to the harsh conditions much of the country resides in and for people to settle here, you will need some gumption! The main inhabitants of the Far North of Alaska are the Athabascan, Nunamiut and Inupiaq Eskimo villages. Each known for fabulous traditions and wonderful historical stories from their ancestors who have lived and navigated within this remote region for thousands of years. Borealis Base Camp is one such property we would suggest you stay and explore. Wonderfully remote, it is set within 100 acres totally private a very unspoilt land. The whole ethos of this camp is to enjoy the experience it offers, it is and will be like no other place you would have stayed at before. As I am sure you can guess, it is named after one of its most sought-after activities, to witness the Aurora Borealis themselves. It is the perfect location to witness this natural phenomenon. The Borealis Base Camp is perfectly situated to enjoy witnessing the lights for almost 250 nights throughout the year (we can only assume that the nights not witnessed are due to weather conditions not being perfect!). Because of the remote location of the camp, there is absolutely no light pollution making viewing the lights something you will never forget.

Now we are going to head to the south and southwest where there are several fabulous camps and lodges to stay at. The area we will focus on includes the Yukon and Kuskokwim River Deltas along with the Aleutian Islands and is a very popular location for luxury holidays. Starting with Winterlake Lodge where it is all about immersion into the wilderness. Whilst staying here you will not see another person when out walking or climbing and the lodge is the most wonderful place to return to warm up and relax. Next stop is Favorite Bay Lodge. Like Winterlake Lodge, Favorite Bay is set in a mind-blowing location where the wilderness envelopes everything. If you are looking for a place that incorporates delicious fresh and seasonal food, then Favorite Bay Lodge is the place for you, most of the food is caught or hand-picked from nature and served that day.

Tutka Bay Lodge is set in a wonderfully remote and truly enchanting cove within one of Alaska’s many fjords. The lodge itself oozes comfort and warmth and has the most incredible wild playground to explore. Stillpoint Lodge is another friendly and remarkably comfortable lodge. Located just a 20-minute boat ride from Alaska’s Homer, the small private Bay of Kachemak Bay is where Stillpoint Lodge is located. The lodge itself is an impressive work of art with vast floor to ceiling windows incorporating impressive views over the mountainous forests and meandering fjords, where you might be able to spot a sea-otter or two going about their day-to-day business.

One last stop within Alaska’s South is the Alaska Bear Camp and perfect, yet rustic stay for those who have bears as a passion. Located on the beautiful Moose and Kenai Rivers, the focus of the Alaska Bear Camp does what it says on the tin, watching bears in their natural habitats whilst not disturbing or getting in their way. Alaska Bear Camp is within its own private concession bordering Lake Clark National Park and brown bear hot spot!

Finally, we will finish by heading down to the Wild Interior of Alaska to The Sheldon Chalet. Now this is a unique stay. The Sheldon Chalet is the ultimate in private retreats within Alaska. Elevated at 6,000 ft above sea level, you can imagine what the scenery like – simply breath-taking. Gourmet dining is part of the excellent experience here, with the focus being on the great wilderness that surrounds this unique exclusive use property. Tordrillo Mountain lodge is another top spot to stay and with consistent snowfall, it means the lodge has some of the best heli skiing opportunities in Alaska.

If any of these amazing properties tick the box of location you want to travel to, then please contact us so we can start planning the trip of a lifetime for you.