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The nordic countries have for a long time offered those looking for a true adventure endless opportunities to explore. It is even been referred in the past as the worlds adventure playground. This is well justified mainly due to its largely uninhabited and rugged terrain. For many of the clients its relatively close proximity to New York, London and Moscow have also meant its also a truly accessible adventure. 

There are so many ways to explore these remote and rugged landscapes. For many the traditional and exciting husky mushing is often still a preference. This unique way of getting around has been used for generations by the Sami people and still to this day is a large part of their life. The Snow Hotel Kirkenes at the Northern most point of Norway is the ideal place to enjoy this activity. The hotel has become one of the leading hotels for dogsled tours since starting up over a decade ago. Clients in the past have been wowed by the love and deep care that the passionate dog mushers have for there 180 strong Alaskan huskies. For those wanting to fish this hotel is also an outstanding place for ice fishing and is one of the leading places to catch Char, Perch and Pike. The hotel can also arrange the ever popular king crab safari which can be a wonderful way to not only see some of these vast sea creature but also explore the rugged and stunning coastline. 

Further South and in Sweden, Brandon Lodge offers clients snowmobile tours which explores the Luleå archipelago and combined with your guide clients can enjoy learning about the various islands, the frozen sea and some of the local history and fishing villages which make up this area. These modern snowmobiles are an ideal way to get across this vast landscape and leave a reassuringly minimal impact on the environment. 

The Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway is always a popular choice for those who want a real feeling of adventure. This was one of the first landscape hotels in Europe and is on a steep natural levee amongst age-old boulders, birch, aspen and pine. In winter the area is renowned for its off piste and exciting skiing. You can also make the trip to the mountains by Hjorunfjorden which is considered to be one of the most beautiful fjords. The peaks of Slogan, the Rana and Skaraslaen are also not far away. The summer offers walkers some of the most beautiful landscape in the world and allows you to experience first hand this pristine landscape. 

The wonderful hotel of Union One within Norway is one of the most distinctive in Europe and due its stunning location is the perfect place to explore the many local peaks and fjords which the area offers. It is also the perfect place for those who want to get out on the water with both kayaking and sea rafting in the fjords available for clients. The latter is an adrenalin filled high speed adventure which enables the whole family to enjoy this dramatic coastline.

The island of Svalbard is always a favourite with those who are more adventurous. Funken lodge on the island offers the perfect base to explore the island and can organise whale watching tours, hunting for the northern lights and a real taste of life as arctic explorer. The island is also home to Polar bears which in the winter months can be seen all over the island.