Luxury 2020 Travel Ideas

It is no secret that the travel industry has taken the biggest hit of all during this global pandemic. It has seen some weaker operators sadly fold and has seen some of the smaller owner run hotels really struggle. It is therefore with undisguised delight that we see the World start to open up to tourism again.

Being stuck at home with absolutely no adventures and nothing to look forward to has created a desire to travel like never before and we are ready and waiting to book some of the most extraordinary luxury holidays we can create. Of course the Arctic and Scandinavia can provide some of the greatest wilderness travel in the world and we have it all at our fingertips. We will be out there ourselves initially to assess the entry requirements and the situation at the airports. For now let us run you through the Arctic circle and the timescales for opening up this Summer 2020:

*Please note: we have access to private healthcare clinics who can provide COVID-negative travel certificates before travel, which will eliminate the need for a test when you enter a country*

The properties we deal with in The Arctic Circle are extremely exclusive, small and high end, making social distancing and keeping you safe from the virus an easy feat.

Iceland has been exemplary in it’s handling of the pandemic and as such can open up freely and with confidence no later than the 15th June 2020. We expect requirements to be a test on arrival at the airport, and compulsory downloading of the track and trace app. As with everything in Iceland, we have no doubt this will be completely seamless, and will not be stressful for those travellers that want to explore Iceland this Summer 2020. We think everyone could do with a weekend relaxing and having spa treatments at the world famous Blue Lagoon.

We expect Finland to open up fully by August or September 2020, and of course to prepare for the Winter season in Lapland. We expect there to be an exceptionally high demand for Lapland during the Winter season of October 2020 to March 2021, as it really does provide that magical out of this world experience that guests will have been dreaming of while in lockdown. Christmas in Finland is already looking exceptionally busy and now is the time to book if Lapland with your family is calling!

Norway has also been exemplary in it’s handling of the virus and has already opened up hotels for Norwegian residents – as we understand it locals are flocking to hotels, desperate for a change of scene and an adventure. We expect Norway to welcome tourists from other Nations from around mid June – July and may have similar conditions to Iceland. Hiking in the Fjords would be an amazing antidote to being stuck inside for all those weeks – and the dramatic scenery here is bound to revive everyone.

It is well publicised that Sweden took a different route to many other countries in the Arctic circle and that means that their hotels have never closed, and travellers are very much still welcome throughout. Sweden in the Summer is absolutely magical and should not be written off as a Winter destination.