The Wanås Hotel

Here is a little detail into one of our preferred and original hotels in Sweden. The Wanas Hotel is all about sustainability and has been built and restored using local materials. The Wanas Hotel has been lovingly built within an 18th Century building which is both beautiful and impressive. Built on the Wanås Estate in Skåne within the southern parts of Sweden, in the heart of the countryside. We can simply describe this stunning hotel as contemporary elegance at its finest.

Interior wise, The Wanås mixes vintage furniture mixed within contemporary art with all the materials sourced locally, all natural, emitting a slice of rustic elegance. The hotel itself has eleven individually and uniquely designed double rooms, including three Junior Suites all of which have generous, comfortable beds and custom designed furniture to boot. It is a clash of tradition and modern chic, where Nordic design meets sustainability. Vintage pink tiled bathrooms, oak floors, and limestone. Think of heading off into the stunning estate, rambling in the ancient forests, where they have placed cutting-edge art installations, then head home and relax in front of large warming fire in the guests living room.

All people staying at the Wanås Hotel have free range of the beautiful sculpture park as well as breakfast included in the award-winning restaurant.

As mentioned before, below is a little snippet from the Wanås Hotels official website about how art, and organic farm and a medieval farm became what it is today:

Opened in 2017, within two 18th Century barns, it is characterised by contemporary elegance – mixing vintage furniture, contemporary art, natural materials, and rustic walls. Wanås Castle’s has a history that goes back to medieval times and is today surrounded by a renowned sculpture park with an international collection. Wanås (pronounced ‘Vanoos’) is situated an hour and a half from Malmö and Copenhagen. It is also situated on what was once the border between Sweden and Denmark and was a famous site for battles during the Danish-Swedish Wars in the 16th and 17th Century. The Castle burnt down during one of these battles but was rebuilt in 1556.

Sweden is a very special Nordic country which is principally built on thousands of islands. The country is renowned for its great beauty, wonderfully friendly people, and hugely diverse culture. Including 95,000 lakes, stunning glaciers, and thousands of ancient, wild forests to explore too. In fact, Sweden is believed to be nearly two thirds forest making for some exciting adventures to explore.

If you would like some more information on the wonders you may find at the Wanås Hotel, its art, its history, and its delicious award-winning food, then give us a call or send us through an email. Throughout the summer and winter, there is much to enjoy and explore, Sweden is hugely diverse country, with boundless activities to enjoy, or you can simply sit back, by a cosy fire, relax and take in the beautiful surroundings. We are most certainly 100% sure you will not be disappointed.