Top Arctic Wilderness Areas

Many of our clients choose to visit the Nordic area as a once in a lifetime escape from the modern world. We are increasingly finding that wild and remote is becoming for many one of the top priorities of their trip. 

This area of the world has so many to mention however it would be difficult to escape the pure remote and wild location of Octola. This incredible hotel sits within Lapland, Finland and the Arctic regions and includes its own private area of true wilderness. In fact the entire ethos of the hotel is of pure nature. A truly secluded part of the world where guests can get away from day to day life without any compromise of world class creature comforts. 

In Northern Norway the hotel of Manshausen is in a world of its own. Situated in the middle of the Grotoya strait. Away from the outstanding luxury that the house and sea cabins include there are a range of outdoor activities including kayaking, diving, cycling, climbing and both summer and winter hiking. This unique area of Norway is made up of thousands of small islands with deserted white sandy beaches and spectacular mountains. It really is a true getaway. 

Finlands Lapland is also hope to the Nellim Wilderness Hotel which is on the edge of the magnificent lake of Inari. This remote hotel offers an incredible mix of traditional lappish style and modern northern luxury. There are so many options on which to enjoy this stunning area including snowmobiles, husky and away from the winter months bikes offer a wonderful way to explore this untouched landscape. It is also one of the leading places to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. 

In Iceland the hotel Budir offers an outstanding level of remote luxury and is set in arguably one of the most beautiful and wild parts of the country. Unusually for a location as remote as this it is also conveniently located just a couple of hours by car from Reykjavik. The combination of exquisite food, the rugged landscape and charming atmosphere make this a true favourite with those wanting to get away from the world in real comfort. 

Iceland also boasts the award winning and world renowned Deplar farm. This small and boutique retreat is far north within the island and therefore is not accessible during winter months. In the Spring and Summer however this stunning hotel which is in the heart of Icelands Troll Peninsula offers a truly outstanding escape. The unique design is inspired by Icelands traditional turf houses and blends perfectly into the remote and secluded location. Guests can enjoy the hotels outstanding spa which comes complete with jacuzzi, geothermal infinity pool and flotation tanks.  

For many looking for true remoteness in northern Europe the Nordenskiold Lodge on the island of Svalbard is truly exceptional. This exquisite lodge sits between the icy fjord and the blue glacier and is a hidden expedition lodge used to explore this incredible area. It is in fact the most Northern lodge in the world. It is however worth noting that a stay here is not for the faint hearted and not for those who wish to have the creature comforts of back home. This lodge is exclusively for the true explorers in life.