Nordenskiold is all about adventure of the most extreme variety, yet anyone can take part – one of our favourite expeditions from here takes you to Basecamp North Pole Camp. The cabins are heated from sustainable wood, and the water is from the nearest glacier. The lodge itself is on the moraine shore of an icy fjord and is the perfect addition to any luxury Norway holiday, as it offers the perfect retreat for those more adventurous souls – while combining very well with many of our other Norwegian properties which offer a slightly more sedate pace.

Nordenskiold is located further North than any other property and is a truly unique experience on so many levels, not least its location on Ennadai Lake. The lodge is basic but very comfortable with the small number of rooms maximising the amazing views from every angle. Lunches are generally served in amazing spots out in the wilderness, and three course Norwegian dinners are a highlight. Arctic wildlife is within reach such as seals, Arctic foxes, polar bears and whales.